5 Unforgettable Things To Do

If Australia is the next destination in your itinerary, there are a few things that must not be missed including numerous jaw-dropping, spectacular spots. In fact, one of the country’s most beautiful islands is the Fraser Island. With so many things to fill up one’s schedule, fun and excitement is guaranteed.

Going on a Fraser Island Retreat includes many different activities to do and sites to view. As the island has its own natural reservoirs, Fraser Island has been acknowledged as one of the largest islands around the globe to have a rainforest by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is also listed as one of the many islands where trees grow in the sand and it is also situated near the seashore of Hervey Bay in Queensland. The land within the island measures more than 120 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide. A Fraser Island retreat will ensure you enjoy several lucid and clean freshwater lakes and creeks such as Lake Allom, Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie, Lake Birrabeen, plunge pools Sydney and Eli Creek. Aside from these, natural sceneries including wild flowers and rainforest trees can be enjoyed.

If the island’s attractions are not pleasurable enough, there are plenty of activities that will enormously make one’s day – entire journey even. Do not fail to miss out on fun and unforgettable activities that will certainly perfect a Fraser Island Retreat.

Here are 5 entertaining activities to do at Fraser Island:

1. Dive into Lake McKenzie

The clean, crystal clear water will not only help soften ones hair but help the dead cells peel off of the skin. Dipping into it is not only pleasurable but practical too. 

2. Ride a 4 Wheel Drive

Tour the island by using a 4WD and lean away from the crowd, enjoying privacy.

3. Swim at the Champagne Pools

The Champagne Pools can be custom designs for your home and have become one of the most famous pools in the world due to its natural temperature. It was naturally formed because of the waves and eventually became a natural Jacuzzi for all to enjoy

4. Climb the Indian Head

Enjoy a beautiful rewarding view once surpassing the greatest challenge of climbing the Indian head. Spot dolphins, sharks, rays and whales after trekking as both the northern and southern part of the island will be seen.

5. Bird watching & Whale watching

With more than 350 species of birds in the island, enjoy the thrill of hunting down to spot the beautiful creatures. Watch the whales show off their skills Hervey Bay. In fact, getting close to these gentle giants and playing with them is also possible. Don’t forget to check these activities from the list.