Tips For A Budget Friendly Home Makeover

You must be bored with the same old interior design at your home. You might be in search of a new look but reluctant to go ahead since it costs too much. However, it doesn’t. There are enough and more ways to get a makeover for a very low cost, if you do it right. So here are some simple tips you could consider when you go ahead with it. Go here  for more information about kitchen renovations.

Go to a vintage storeVintage items can add a grand look to your home. The great detailing will make the pieces unique and special. Upholstered chairs, vintage candle stands, framed paintings etc. can give your room a very elegant look. If your home has been designed according to a modern approach, then choose a very subtle vintage item. The candle stand would be perfect. Make it the centerpiece of the room so that all attention goes onto it as soon as you enter the room. Most of these items may have only been used for a few years and hence may look good as new, but be much cheaper than the brand new items.

  • Paint accent wallsHow hard is painting one wall? You can do it yourself. Repainting an entire home could be tiring and expensive since you need to hire a professional for it. However, you can save money by choosing one single wall in every room and paint it with a color different from the rest. For example, if all your walls in your modern kitchens are white, pick one wall and give it a coat of cream or even a metallic color such as silver and bronze. It will surely modernize the entire room. For bedrooms, you can even use wallpapers.
  • Creative shelvingUsing shelves is a creative way to add a piece of décor and also create more storage space. Many bedroom and kitchen designers Sydney  use these shelves to create an illusion of floating shelves, cascading down an empty wall. You can use these extra shelves to place your photographs, glassware and chinaware so that it provides a great display of your valuable collectibles.
  • Use mirrors and lightingIf your rooms are smaller, it might discourage you to try out any new makeover ideas. Well, that is not the case. You can make your rooms look much bigger and brighter with the effective use of mirrors and lighting. Mirrors instantly add more space to any room. It also reflects light so your rooms will not look gloomy and boring like before. Go through a few designs and see how to properly place your lamps, spot lights and mirrors to get the maximum effect.